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Psychoeducational and Gifted Assessments

Population Served

Assessments are provided to children, teens and adults. Assessments are completed in English. I do not complete assessments in French, so I cannot complete assessments for youth attending French educational programs.

What is involved?

Before testing, you will be asked to provide documents like report cards. You may also be asked to complete some questionnaires. All assessments involve an intake interview, testing and feedback. 


The intake is completed over the phone or via video. If the assessment is for a child or youth, caregivers complete an intake without the child present. Depending on the situation, teachers are also interviewed. For adult assessments, a parent or partner is asked to participate in the interview process to provide more insight.  


These are completed on Mondays and Tuesdays in the clinic at Paddler's Cove between 9 am and 4 pm; an earlier start time is possible. Psychoeducational assessments take between 5 to 8 hours. Gifted assessments take between 1 to 3 hours. In some circumstances, testing may be completed at the school. 


The feedback is provided over the phone or via video. At this time, the results are presented, and recommendations are discussed. If testing was completed with a child or youth, feedback is provided to caregivers first. A separate feedback session is booked for the child or youth.

Providing Feedback to schools

If requested, feedback sessions are provided to the school via phone or video. 


Reports are sent electronically.

Why have a psycho-educational assessment? 

These assessments can help identify a student's strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes an evaluation may provide a diagnosis and help understand why a student is struggling in school. Diagnoses include a learning disability, intellectual disability, ADHD, and mood-related issues like anxiety and depression.

Cost of a 
psycho-educational assessment

Psychoeducational assessments cost between $3300 and $4200, depending on the age and referral question.

Why have
a gifted assessment?

It is the first step in helping students reach their full potential. Learn more about Giftedness.

Cost of
a gifted assessment

Gifted assessments cost between $1300 and $3300. This price range reflects that some school boards may require intelligence and academic testing. 

Contact Information

300 Prince Albert Road

Suite 120

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

B2Y 4J2


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