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Psychoeducational and Gifted Assessments


These assessments provide a better understanding of a student's cognitive abilities and are the first step in helping them reach their full potential. Assessments are available for children, teens and adults. Assessments are completed in English. I do not complete assessments in French, so I cannot complete assessments for youth attending French educational programs.


Psychoeducational assessments stem from concerns about a student's cognitive, academic, social, emotional, communicative, and adaptive functioning. Evaluating these concerns helps teachers and school programs understand how to support a student's learning; often, testing is completed across their academic careers. Testing can help identify whether a student has a learning disability, intellectual disability, attentional difficulty (ADHD), anxiety or low mood that may affect their ability to learn and grow.


Gifted assessments are a first step in providing a student with enrichment opportunities; being challenged at school is essential. Students who find the work "too easy" or who become bored may disengage from the class or misbehave simply because they are not challenged. 

Adult ADHD Assessments

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These assessments are completed for adults with attentional difficulties who do not want a full Psychoeducational Assessment but think they may qualify for a diagnosis of attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Testing is provided for adults over 19 years of age.


Evaluation involves attentional and emotional functioning like anxiety and low mood to determine if a diagnosis of ADHD is warranted; this is helpful to individuals looking to return to school, who are writing professional exams, or those interested in learning new skills aimed at attentional and emotional regulation difficulties. 

Therapy for Children and Youth



Therapy can help children and teens process their thoughts and emotions. It serves to help children and youth understand themselves better and empower them to be comfortable with who they are. It can help improve communication and build more meaningful connections between family members. Therapy is provided for children and youth up to age 19, addressing anxiety, low mood, low self-esteem, and emotional regulation difficulties.


Contact Information

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