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What to expect from therapy:

Population Served

Assessments are provided to children and youth up to age 19. 

Why see a Psychologist?

Therapy can help children and youth process their thoughts and emotions. Therapy serves to help individuals understand themselves better and empower them to be comfortable with who they are. Therapy can help improve communication and build more meaningful connections between family members.


$210 per session. A session involves 50 minutes with the client. The last 10 minutes are used by the therapist to make notes in the client's file. 


Before the first session, you will be asked to complete an intake form and questionnaires online. Often the first session is with the caregiver only, but that depends on the age of the youth. Subsequent sessions may be completed with the child or youth individually. Some sessions may involve the caregiver. 

Contact Information

300 Prince Albert Road

Suite 120

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

B2Y 4J2


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